The Hyundai Santa Fe 2019 will debut a system of access and start by fingerprint reader

The South Korean manufacturer Hyundai announced a few days ago its intention to launch the first system of recognition of fingerprints in their vehicles, which would allow owners to access and start the car through its fingerprint, without the need for a key or conventional control.

According to the brand, this system will debut at the beginning of 2019 in some specific markets Hyundai Santa Fe , and ensure that it is a solution that offers maximum security and that, in addition, will be improved assiduously through remote updates (“Dynamic Update” ).

Basically, to open the door of the vehicle the driver will only need to place his finger on the sensor located on the handle, and the system will detect that fingerprint and identify it as apt or not to unlock the vehicle. The start button will also have a fingerprint sensor .

In terms of security, Hyundai says that its fingerprint has a probability of error of 1 in 50,000 , which makes it a technology 5 times more effective than traditional keys, including so-called smart keys.

In addition, the reading of the fingerprint itself is done through a capacitive recognition , which detects differences in the levels of electricity at various points of the fingertip to avoid falsifications or lying fingerprints.

For Hyundai one of the main advantages of this system is the possibility that the vehicle knows who is at the wheel, so that you can customize the experience and adjust various parameters according to the profile of the driver in question : from the position of the seat or the multimedia system, up to the orientation of the exterior mirrors, for example.

” In the future, Hyundai Motor plans to expand the uses of this technology to allow the adjustment of temperature, the position of the steering wheel and a lot of variables, according to the preferences of the driver, ” says Albert Biermann , artificial of the range Hyundai N and recently appointed head of research and development of Hyundai Motor Company.