Tips for autumn driving

Driving in autumn presents some unique challenges that drivers don’t experience during spring and summer. Here are some guidelines for safe autumn driving:

  • One of the biggest autumn issues is the glare from the sun. As the sun sits lower in the sky, it causes a lot more glare for drivers to deal with. To help with vision problems make sure your windscreen is clean both on the exterior and interior. If wiper blades are not functioning as well, ensure they are replaced. Top up with a high-quality windscreen washer fluid. If you do become dazzled, slow down and carry some sunglasses in the car.

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  • Make sure you check your car’s battery. If you notice that it might be struggling, consider replacing it now before the onset of winter.
  • The tread on your tyres is always important but it is recommended to have the full 3mm of tread as it comes into winter. If the tread is low in autumn, you’ll want to change them now.
  • As autumn brings with it the darker afternoons and longer nights, it’s a good idea to check your bulbs regularly. Check all the lights, including number plate, brakes and headlights. Follow the manual instructions or get a garage to do it for you. For Gloucester Car Repairs, visit a site like Swift Fit

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  • Antifreeze is another important thing to keep an eye on all year round as it helps to avoid corrosion and cools the engine during the summer. Check your owner’s manual for the correct type to use to avoid doing damage.