Do you know all client types your company?

Each film has its audience. For that reason, the writers adhere to convey a story through words they know for sure, they will be those that come to mind of the viewer. Perhaps each stay with a different phrase, but overall, it will be a success.

With so does business. The product we offer, the service can be the same for our customers, but we must sell depending on the group to which we turn, a public never is homogeneous one hundred percent. Do you know of all types of customers your company?

Do you know all client types your companyDemanding

We adore, but his level of demand does not allow you to do things the easy way. He always wants more, needs more attention. It is not arrogant, simply adores perfection.How should we treat it ? With patience and empathy.

Does not seek confrontation, it is their way of being, and we know that is a loyal customer. Let us offer that extra dose of information you need, get moving active listening.


Do you like what you see. It has no problem with the deal but would like to communicate telepathically not to talk to us.

This type of customer must provide the stay, how? Helping to make the decision to purchase unfed his indecision. The conversation should be concise, clear and pleasant, to ensure you feel comfortable.

The client / friend

Not only do you like our service, but our company. It’s that type of person is ideal when attending: friendly, sympathetic, talkative, with clear ideas but … with too much time.

Without losing or stop being nice to him, we must learn to make it clear that we need our space and time to continue working and serving more customers in the same exquisite way we’ve treated him. Politeness will be our trump card.

The client “I want to yesterday”

A hurry. More than any other human being on the planet. It is not a whim or does so disturbing. By working hours, for whatever reason has little time, and choose our business to shop.

With it you have to anticipate events. For when it comes, be ready with your order. Prisa we all have, and commitments, schedules to meet, do not confuse this client with those who just want to get in and out without waiting for no compelling reason.This is more like friendly customer, lifetime, and we know that your time is money.

Knowing the different profiles of our customers may prove an impossible challenge but it is not. Over time, working with the public and adding some skills of psychology and observation, all may be able to detect these profiles any more, which It benefits us in many ways.