From being your own boss to feeling lonely and isolated, so the illusion loses the autonomous

One of the reasons to become autonomous is to be able to decide and be your own boss. That freedom that is so much missed when working for someone else, to decide how to do a job, how to execute it or if we have to accept it or move on, because this client will bring us more headaches than benefits. And yet, in a short time, many feel alone and isolated, losing the illusion of being autonomous.

Because besides being our own boss and developing our profession we have to be able to be entrepreneurs. And this supposes an overload of work that many are not prepared to carry out. We can choose what time we start working, but this in the end means that we will work much more than if we were in a company.

The hours we work are for us

It is true that the benefit of these extra hours is for us , not for a third party, as it often happens in a company. That’s why, in the beginning, it lasts long hours, many hours and much more work than we had thought. But this can not be eternal.

That is when after a few years we see that it remains the same and the illusion begins to be lost . We work, we invoice, but what ultimately remains liquid at the end of the month we realize that it does not compensate with all the effort we put into it. We are our own boss, but we can not decide if we work or not, if we accept an assignment or not. We have been without a vacation for some time, because it does not give us to be one month a year without invoicing.

We want to be a company, but we are only self-employed that can not choose jobs or prices in many cases

The problem is that all this effort is not shared . We keep everything to ourselves and in the end it ends up being noticed. Not only physically, but mentally. It is not easy to stay in front of a business that you know will not grow, that gives just enough to live and with a little luck will not go squeeze.

And neither do they take advantage of some of the advantages. We do not know or can not reconcile or we do not want to reconcile , because in the end working so many hours means that if we have to adjust our schedules to those of the family, we end up working when everyone else is already resting. Or getting up early to have advanced work when the rest rise or prolonged until late at night.

The self-employed is alone in the face of danger

Also, we do not have anyone to share all these problems with . For many of us, we are privileged because they see you pick up or take your children to school or go to their Christmas function now that the time is right. They do not see you working on Saturdays and Sundays, or hanging on your mobile phone at any time because a customer who has a problem is calling you.

When you think about being autonomous, you want to create a company, not stay anchored in self-employment . Grow as a professional, be able to have economic autonomy, hire others to perform the work as we indicated and generate a benefit that allows us to live better. If this does not come, the self-employed person finds himself in a trap that he often can not even get out of.

It is true that some training, getting together with other professionals, networking, can help us to refocus our business model, to get more out of it . But at other times it only helps us to see that there are others who are like us and to make the decision to leave shortly after an opportunity to work for others is a little interesting.