Welcoming visitors in style

When it comes to welcoming visitors into your office building there are a number of things that you will want to consider and include in your reception area in order to make their visit as welcoming as possible.

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Reception Chairs – having somewhere for your visitors and guests to sit whilst they are waiting for their meeting to start is incredibly important and helps to make a good first impression. No one wants to be standing up waiting for a meeting and feeling like they are getting in the way in the reception space.

Receptionist – this is possibly one of the most important positions that you will employee someone into in your business. The person you employ needs to be able to juggle a number of different tasks and to have a calm and welcoming manner. Greeting visitors and signing them into your office building will just be one small part of a receptionists role.

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Refreshments –  being able to offer your visitors a nice warm drink or glass of water certainly adds to the welcoming feel of an office. This doesn’t need to be a big task and a takeaway coffee machine might be the solution that you are looking for, to allow your visitors to get their own drink, leaving your receptionist to their other tasks.