6 online marketing techniques essential for SMEs and entrepreneurs

On numerous occasions, we have heard that if a business is not online, it is as well not exist. And although we must not lose sight of the offline environment, companies must increasingly be present and ready to reach their target audience through the network and give great importance to this powerful online medium is able to offer.

One of the key pieces to the business strategies of SMEs, and develops thanks to the Internet, the online marketing, which allows them to generate visibility and bring to market our product or service much more accessible.

6 online marketing techniques essential for SMEs and entrepreneurs

So in this article, I recommend for both SMEs and entrepreneurs, the following online marketing techniques to consider attracting quality customers…

1. Email marketing

Email marketing is a technique of direct communication with the user and an effective way to keep the attention of your customers, encourage them to buy and publicize your services and / or products. Invest in email marketing and planning mailings with maximum segmentation will allow you to tailor content to each consumer and thus achieve greater return on investment.

2. Guest blogging

There are many ways to enrich and update a blog with quality content, but in this case, we speak of Guest Blogging, a common practice among bloggers, in which it participates as a guest on someone else’s blog. That is, it is a win to win for the blog and blogger. This technique helps companies to disseminate information of interest to both existing customers and potential.

3. Growth hacking

This online marketing technique is combined with analytical and creativity with the aim of developing actions to increase quickly and noticeable volume users, income or impacts of the company, and with minimum expense and possible effort.

4. Smarketing

It is the union of the word sales and marketing and is the process of integrating the sales team and marketing strategy generating leads, with the aim of turning them into an integrated system to minimize conflicts and ensure equipment the quality of these leads.

 5. Marketing and Mobile Marketing Apps

Increasingly, users visit web pages through their Smartphone, but few companies that adapt theirs to be seen from these devices. However, investing in mobile marketing help your company not to lose customers and even attract new ones.

The same applies to marketing applications; a new sales channel represents an ideal opportunity to reach your customers at all times while increasing the visibility of your company.

6. SEO: search engine optimization

We cannot forget the strategy for excellence in long-term uptake in the network. Many companies believe that having an attractive website and a letter of the flawless presentation will be able to capture your customers. However, they require much more than that: they need to invest in positioning your business in the search engines in order to increase organic traffic to the web.