Behind the Scenes – Organising a Festival

Organising an event is hard work in normal times but during the coronavirus pandemic it has become much more difficult, and many large events have simply decided not to go ahead this year due to the uncertainty and the large amount of organising that will need to go on. Glastonbury was cancelled for the second year in a row, however some events have been rescheduled rather than outright cancelled and the Isle of Wight festival will still be going ahead, albeit in September rather than its usual month of June.

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Organising a festival is something that takes time and expert planning – because of the large number of people in attendance at a festival, safety is one of the key considerations. Security must be on site in order to protect people if anything gets out of hand, and also it is important to have Medical cover for events like this such as Private Paramedic Services. They can deal with common problems at festivals from heatstroke to excessive alcohol consumption.

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As well as making sure people are safe, the acts and stages will need to be booked in as well as the sound engineers, technicians and artistic assistants who are all needed to make sure that everyone enjoys the show. This is something that can cost a lot and take quite some time to plan properly.

Food and drink will also need to be available to people attending, and a wide variety of caterers need to be booked to make sure that there is an adequate supply for all the people attending.