5 data on the different types of anger that will amaze you and you know

If you want to eradicate first need to know!

Getting angry is natural in humans. Many of us suffer from episodes of anger, especially when we get the rule (damn hormones) or when we feel frustrated by something. In my case, I hate wrong. Committing big mistakes awakens in me the bug anger. Fortunately, my moments of anger last few minutes.But beyond what we all know about anger and anger, there are other really amazing facts that, at least, was not present.


# 1 There explosive anger

This type of episodes of anger is observed in individuals who have a severe traumatic brain injury. It occurs mostly in those with frontal lobe damage due to external factors (accidents or strokes) or internal (a tumor or stroke).

It happens that the frontal lobes are responsible for reasoning, problem solving and mood regulation. When damaged for any reason, the person could not control their emotions and this makes them produce bursts of intense and explosive anger.

data on the different types of anger that will amaze you and you know

# 2 What is the homicidal rage?

According to the dictionary, a homicidal person is “who is able to kill another human being.”This kind of anger is characterized by accompanied by an intense fury beside thoughts and intentions of committing acts of violence.

What is alarming is that all different types of anger can advance to this level if not controlled as it should, because the mind is clouded and the person is not able to think clearly.

# 3 Psychotic Rage

This term is used to describe those people who are aggressive; they are angry with all their peers and are totally out of control. It is very similar to the homicidal rage but also has a psychotic state of mind that causes the person to lose contact with reality and also experience visual hallucinations and / or hearing.

No. 4 Ira by rejection and abandonment

People who have personality disorders and also those who are stalkers perceived rejection as a threat to their self – esteem. This causes them intense anger, especially when they feel they are not valued properly, and leads them to want his revenge relentlessly.

# 5 other types of anger

There are other types of anger that are not as extreme as those mentioned above, but also must be controlled before they produce more serious consequences. One of them is the wrath of office, for which the individual has aggressive behavior with coworkers.

We can also make mention of the wrath of the road. This in some way or another we all suffer especially when the traffic is very dense. Be careful, as it can be a cause of serious accidents!

It is also important to mention the wrath of the school now known as “bullying”, which usually occurs in a peer group that beset other weaker and defenseless.

How to avoid this feeling of anger?

The solution is to become aware of when anger takes hold of us and make every effort to control it. Goes a long pause, take a deep breath and count to 10. It is also good practice meditation or relaxes drinking herbal teas such as linden, chamomile, and valerian.

Now, do not you be overcome by anger!