Factors to consider when house hunting

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest commitments you will ever make, and as such, it is vital to find the right house before making an offer.

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Location, location, location

Selecting the right neighbourhood for your house search is arguably the most important factor. Issues with the house itself can be rectified but, once purchased, the location cannot be changed. If Surrey is an area of interest for you then Guildford is worth considering with its historic buildings, designer shops and range of eateries.

When refining the exact area you are looking at take into account the distance to your workplace, traffic, access to healthcare, schools, parks and the overall charm of the neighbourhood. Try and visit the area at various times of day to get a real feel for it – look for cared for gardens, people walking or cycling in the area and children playing in the gardens.

The house and futureproofing

Whilst it is sensible to have a checklist of the things you are looking for, also look at some houses that don’t seem to be what you want. According to this article in The Independent, decisions are made on a house in the first eight minutes, but sometimes a house may surprise you or it could help refine exactly what you are looking for. Consider what your needs are now but also what they could be in the future.

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Think about the minimum number of bedrooms and bathrooms you need before deciding which homes to view, then you can avoid seeing (and potentially falling in love with) places that will be too small. You will also want to think about the kitchen space as this is often an area that sells a house. If you are happy to look for the space that is provided rather than the overall design of the kitchen, you can then use a Norwich Fitted Kitchens company to create the look that you want. This may give you more scope when it comes to looking at properties, rather than trying to find your ideal kitchen in a property that is available.

Before deciding where to buy consider what, if anything, will need doing and how quickly. It is obviously possible to completely remodel rooms but sometimes there will be a less costly alternative, such as replacing appliances, cupboard doors or adjusting lighting. When viewing your potential new home, keep in mind your possessions and where they will go both in terms of furniture but also for storage purposes. An idea of the changes you want to make will be helpful if you decide to purchase. Good luck!