How to Survive a Video Work: Tools and Tips

Uneasy check once again the light in the room and in front of the computer is placed, glancing at the clock on the screen. Two minutes left and it seems that everything works properly. Mentally reviews his list of essential: papers on the table, documents point, connected speakers and … -¡riiing -. The sound impertinent videoconferencing him out of his thoughts and nervous accepts the call.

In a context in which telework has become a real trend and in which not a few companies (especially in the United States) opt for it, the fact is that this kind of interviews has become one of the regulars’ daily lives of many employees. A form of employment that saves costs to all parties and involving multiple facilities; but also it requires very specific requirements in certain situations. It is the case of the aforementioned video. Discover all you need.

Indispensable: Hardware

First, there are two possibilities: that you carry out your computer talk variables -for which will serve almost anyone – or opt for using your smartphone. In any case, it ensures that both have sufficient autonomy or keep them connected to the mains to avoid annoying and unexpected power outages that interrupt the conversation and provide an image of little foresight.

In the case of smartphones also, the matter of the battery is basic since these calls quickly end up with the load. And it is not surprising if we consider that the screen has to be lit throughout the process; to which must be added the capture and video transmission, and the use of continuous data. Do not use one with less than 2,300 mAh, at best, but it all depends on the size of the display, brightness and other very specific issues.

As for the audio of the device in question and although there are a number of accessories that will speak later, the truth is that if you want to do without them and listen properly to your interviewer, you should opt for a device sound high resolution and, if possible, by systems able to eliminate background noise.

Tools: Software

Obviously, you also need decantar for any specific application . And although in this section the clearest answer in which everyone will have thought is Skype, there are other equally valid alternatives and that even and in certain contexts, can bring a plus of originality. Yes, you should use these resources sparingly. But Let us explain:


While it is one of the best known, highlighting its most important aspects, namely: it gives you the ability to choose the quality at which video is transmitted (from 320×240 pixels to HD has specific versions for all kinds of operating system, including mobile, synchronize contacts, allows to carry out talks group includes a translator (though not recommended that you imply on these occasions) and more.

How to Survive a Video Work


Tango is another such service which acts similarly and also allows you to perform video conferencing from any PC, Mac or mobile device. This is precisely the case we mentioned that lets us include effects to videos. Yes, in much the same way as we do in a field chat emoticons. However, we recommend it only notice, and if it is a creative work. At any other time, discard it is not appropriate in this context.

In fact, the look playful is the stand out of this application, which also includes shared games. It is also free and easy to use and includes, as Skype, video mailbox that lets you send “material” to another user even when not connected to the display this post.


The alternative of Google, on the other hand, it is very agile to launch, offering you the ability to access it directly from your email. It even has its own extension. Now, it forces you to open up an account, although almost all have it already.

The tool, in any case, worth it, as it gives us the opportunity to speak fluently without lags and with the support of a chat, which comes with notifications writing and receiving, stickers, emoji and, despite it is unlikely to use the latter.


Another of the veterans who follows in the footsteps of Skype is Fringe, which also gives us the option of performing group video calls with up to four people located in different places. It is also compatible with other networks outside their service, perhaps one of its great features messaging. Also, it includes voice calls to conventional lines.


One of his greatest virtues is that it integrates a technology that can reduce noise and improve what is transmitted on what the microphone picks up. That is, just with echoes and other typical problems of this kind of interviews. It is called SuperClear, a utility that is appreciated tremendously and we recommend you try to experience the difference.

Also, ooVoo will carry an interview carried away not only with three partners but with up to twelve, a hefty number that surely will delight those large companies whose employees are scattered across the geography.


On the other hand, Fuze is one of the most recommended. In fact, it has been lightened thinking and professional users will be perfect to conduct an interview with several members of the same company located in different parts of the globe.

Yes, provided that their number does not exceed more than three. A curiosity: it integrates a system that lets us share our computer screen, useful for joint projects; ensure that we are not conducting any search in the case of a job interview with specific tests, and so on.


Also very simple to use and cross – the platform is very similar to the above. Its main distinguishing feature, however, is that it lets you switch a call between the phone and the computer and conversely, much-appreciated alternative for those who work with various devices. And like Skype also lets you add credit and call conventional numbers at a cheaper price than operators usually offer.


Twiddla is another of these environments designed tools for professionals that also have a system that captures your screen. In reality, however, it is a kind of collaborative whiteboard that lets you include free lines, images, shapes, lines and more. Especially useful for those who are dedicated to graphic design or similar professions?

Also focused on the management of virtual meetings, it includes options to edit and share the material, structure the agenda (very useful in this context), create and edit documents, add new contacts, and so on. It integrates seamlessly with Dropbox, Skype, Hangouts and ultimately makes drier and coordinate this kind of meetings is easier.


While in the first instance we recommend that you probably go for a direct connection, cable (we’ll save all kinds of trouble), not always the environment and conditions permit. So, if you have the router in the kitchen, you are in the office or the like, decent Wi-Fi. Check that the signal is excellent a priori and testing video conferencing tool which has chosen before.

Alternatively, as mentioned, it is that you have chosen to interview through your smartphone in an unconventional space, but nice and innovative, that says something about you. An original resource for the interviews. Take the case, for example, that you are in an open space, a little busy botanical garden or the like.

To survive the situation well, you will have a higher than 3G: HSPA or 4G is very simple hiring last in any market. In any case, we insist: looking Wi-Fi and verify that your connection is secure.

Accessories and placement

Leaving aside the devices themselves, the truth is that never hurts a number of accessories, especially if you decided to do the interview with your smartphone. In this way, a larger screen through which to see your partner may find it useful to look at issues in a smaller go unnoticed. There are very inexpensive and can connect via Bluetooth, HDMI cable and the like its exits before purchasing, yes.

It is also essential that the computer or terminal is static, fixed in one place. In the latter case, get a specific support, that gives the other the ability to see neither right at their level, neither too close nor too far from the camera. They are of many types. Place it where it suits you check a priori what effect it causes.

Speakers and microphones are other issues which, although not essential, they will be useful, especially if working in video conferencing participate not only you but a team of employees. To achieve this successfully, a number of circular accessories designed for any member can speak without raising his voice. With speakers, it is exactly the same. They are relatively simple to find; you will do it under the name of “teams of professional video” or similar terms.

Other considerations

Notwithstanding mentioned, there are a number of factors that should not lose sight and beyond the technology itself. This is, for example, the attitude, the dress, the environment and the preparation of the conference. A few truisms that are convenient to ignore.

Regarding the first, one of the issues that are mitigated in this kind of conference is the non – verbal language, i.e. those gestures that we carry out with our body and may even reach betray, express dislike, sympathy, protection and so on that you probably already imagine. In any case, try to maintain a relaxed posture, avoid crossing your arms and legs, looking up or divert excess and others.

It is highly recommended that you monitor the height at which you placed the phone or computer: mojito with it too high or too low. It is advisable to keep the level of your eyes as if you observe your partner face to face. Place it on a lower plane could cause a false sense of arrogance (the other sees you from below) while leave a little above not only creates an effect in the style of selfie bathroom but is able to show some insecurity or subordination. He leads the eye toward the camera and avoids looking toward showing your face.

And although we have also given a few brush strokes to respect the environment (what lies behind you and what you hear, basically) is also basic. Opt for a place quiet, without noise or passersby. If they do at home, choose a room that is neat (posters, chaotic shelves, etc., distract attention from your partner) have enough space and light. Always check back talking to someone who lives in a cell.

Try the room has a good sound. To do this, note that you need enough textile elements, so discard the less furnished areas or large meeting rooms with a poor acoustics, all you will achieve are echoes and unpleasant effects that may interfere with communication.

Remember put the place in good time. While the camera on your device is able to mask certain issues, static vision, face to face offers the possibility, moreover, to warn certain details able to give the wrong impression. Obviously, the place is not all that should prepare but, despite all these issues, the most important thing will be to live up to expectations, informed the matter of the interview in question and others some aspects that, after all only depend on yourself and your training.

Also, watch your appearance and tries to dress appropriately. Maquillage shave or discreetly (not trying to conquer anybody but to give a professional appearance) and opts for a formal outfit but without excess. A trait that, obviously, will be conditioned by the type of meeting, organization, the matter going to be treated, the number and range of participants and others.