Why netball is a match for any sport

When it comes to sports there are some that are considered the epitome of cool. But now, there is a new kid on the block, or rather, there is a new contender for the title of the coolest sport, and many may be surprised when they hear that netball is giving other ball games a run for their money.

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It looks like this sport is on the verge of a massive breakthrough, and it’s fast gathering an avid fan base that’s truly passionate about the game and its players.

Action on the court

The growing popularity of netball seems to be spurred on by two factors. One, it is played by women, and two, it is action packed and incredibly fun to watch. These two factors have given it a major boost, especially at a time when gender equality is in the spotlight, and an increasing number of people are pushing for women to receive equal opportunities and equal pay – and this includes on the field or the court.

The fact that netball is loads of fun to watch makes it all the more appealing, and even a netball drill like those found at https://www.sportplan.net/drills/netball/ provides high octane entertainment. The sport involves a rapid pace and intense strategy, and players need to be able to move as if they are dodging bullets, passing the ball as close as possible to the net without it getting captured by the opposition. The display of speed, skill and athleticism is impressive, and it makes the sport riveting to watch.

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A funding boost

It’s not just how the sport is played and who is playing it that is getting attention; it is also the funding it is receiving. Netball was recently awarded a four-year cash injection of £16.9 million by Sport England, making it the second-highest funded sport in the whole country, plus the English team will also be awarded an extra £3 million.

TV broadcasters are also sitting up and paying attention. Sky has broadcast regular Superleague matches and recently signed a new deal to also broadcast all of England’s matches for the next year. TV coverage has increased dramatically after broadcasters saw that some games were attracting crowds of as many as 7,000 people.

All in all, it looks like netball is ready for a revolution.