Seven European cities to travel in 2019

There is little to finish the year and we want to do it by filling the agenda of traveling appointments, so that the illusion of continuing to know the world marks the calendar. Today we bring seven European cities to travel in 2019, places that this coming year will be fashionable and be the center of the continent for some reason or another.

From Norway to Bulgaria, passing through Serbia, Italy, Germany, with stops in Spain, these are the dates that you can not miss in 2019 , whether you are looking for culture, nature, gastronomy … Which one do you want the most?

Oslo, European Green Capital 2019

There are many reasons to travel to the capital of Norway, from El Grito by Edvard Munch to the fjord or the Opera, but this year will undoubtedly be more fashionable. Oslo is the European Green Capital 2019 , an award that recognizes the cities that best deal with the environment and the living environment of its inhabitants.

The city offers itself to the visitor with many green options , such as its parks , its neighborhoods that grow and modernize in a sustainable manner, its islands , its car-free hull … A city that has worked to reopen 3,000 meters of streams and rivers , making them accessible to the public and facilitating the development and restoration of habitats and in which we will have it easy to go by bicycle, public transport or electric car.

Almería, Spanish Capital of Gastronomy 2019

We were told by our colleagues at Directo al Paladar: Almería is the Spanish Capital of Gastronomy in 2019 for the products of its garden and its tapas. There, with an enviable climate all year round, other incentives await us such as the Alcazaba, the Cathedral, the Andalusian Center of Photography, the Film House …

Thus, the Andalusian city will present by 2019 a wide variety of activities, with more than 300 events, which will seek to reinforce the tourist image of Almeria showing off its flavors and the products of the land. When you travel to the city, take note of the Ruta de la Tapa, declared of Andalusian Tourist Interest.

Novi Sad, Serbia, European Youth Capital 2019

We travel to Novi Sad in northern Serbia, on the banks of the Danube River , a large national industrial and cultural center, which houses institutions such as the Matica Srpska, the Academy of Arts and Sciences or the National Theater of Serbia. These and other reasons have made Novi Sad elected as the European Capital of Youth 2019 .

Since 2000, Novi Sad is the home of Festival Exit , the largest music and alternative theater festival of the summer nationwide. Ta, well has Infant, the most important festival of children’s literature, the International Festival of Literature, the Jazz … By the way, Novi Sad means “New Garden” in Serbian and during the XIX century it was considered the local Athens due to the cultural boom of the city. Do not want to know the city?

Madrid, unstoppable in 2019

In 2019 Madrid is full of important appointments, so even if you do not need excuses to get to know it, surely for many travelers the city will be irresistible in this year that is almost beginning. These are some of the quotes that we can enjoy in Madrid in 2019 :

  • The bicentennial of the Prado Museum, which will fill the year with important dates for such a celebration. One of the most important museums in the world is celebrating, so you have to know or revisit it.
  • The new Davis Cup will be held in the capital with a qualifying round in February and the final round in November.
  • The LGBTI Pride , one of the most famous parties in the LGBT world that brings together more than two million people each year. It is celebrated mainly in the neighborhood of Chueca and other streets of Madrid, between Friday, June 27 and Sunday, July 7, 2019.
  • The MadCool festival , the new indie, rock and electronic music festival of the European elite. The fourth edition of the Mad Cool will be held on July 11, 12 and 13, 2019 in the Espacio Mad Cool, an enclosure of 100000 square meters located in Valdebebas, Ifema.
  • The final of the Champions League, on Saturday June 1 at the Metropolitan Stadium.
  • In 2019 the Madrid Metro celebrates one hundred years , and the centenary comes with a great program full of initiatives that commemorate the history of this transport, with exhibitions such as the Historic Trains, activities such as the Carrera del Centenario (February 3). .

Berlin, centenary of the Bauhaus

In 2019 marks the centenary of the Bauhaus artistic and cultural movement , which originated in Germany. The Bauhaus was a Superior School of Design that revolutionized the thought, the artistic work, and the architecture of the 20th century. He was born in 1919 by the architect and urban planner Walter Gropius in Weimar (Germany) and among his students were some great artists such as Kandinski or Paul Klee.

The centenary of the Bauhaus and will be held on the sites of the institution in the German cities of Weimar, Dessau, Bernau, Berlin, along with other European cities and the American continent. We stay in Berlin, with the following appointments:

  • The Bauhaus centenary opening festival will take place at the Academy of Fine Arts, with concerts, theater, virtual reality installations, dance and cinema, immersive art, workshops … from January 16 to 24, 2019.
  • The Museum of Photography in Berlin will host between April 12 and August 25, 2019, a photographic exhibition that will establish a relationship between Vanguard photography of 1930 and contemporary art.
  • The Bauhaus Week Berlin 2019 , between August 31 and September 8, 2019, will offer Bauhaus lovers and interested visitors exhibitions, lectures, performances …
  • The Original Bauhaus exhibition will present famous, familiar, forgotten and rediscovered material from September 2019 to January 2020.

Plovdiv (Bulgaria), Capital of Culture 2019

We finish with the two Capitals of the European Culture 2019, starting with the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv . Plovdiv is a picturesque old city built around seven hills in southern Bulgaria, an authentic open-air museum.

For example, the Historic-Architectural Reserve of the Old City, the Ancient Theater, the Ancient Roman Forum, the Ethnographic Museum, the Roman Stadium, the Aviation Museum, the Church of St. Constantine and St. Helena, the Dzhumaya Mosque, the Archaeological Museum … By 2019 Plovdiv expects two million visitors attracted by its capital, with around 500 events scheduled in different parts of the city.

Matera (Italy), Capital of Culture 2019

Plovdiv shares cultural capital with the city of Matera, in southern Italy , the most important urban nucleus of the Basilicata region. It is a small charming city that has gained international fame for its particular old town, the «Sassi di Matera» («stones of Matera»), of troglodyte origin. Next to a large ravine, walking through this city is a leap back in time. The Sassi and the group of the rupestrian churches of Matera were declared by Unesco World Heritage in 1993.

This year to celebrate its capital will fill 2019 of events that will take its name to the whole world. Focused on the past of Matera but also with a projection to the future, the activities discover us this city that is outside the usual circuits but that is definitely worth knowing.