The ability to landscape for a park

With an increase in the need for leisure spaces one of the most common features now is utilising redundant brownfield sites. Not all of these are determined as being used to residential space or commercial activity. For some sites it is the opportunity to restore a landscape but to how it was or to create a new leisure space for walks and recreation. The principles for this follow the lines of standard site clearance.

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The initial stage is to assess what can be salvaged and will add to the area. In some cases of industrial heritage there is a point to leave some of the existing structures, following conservation methods, that show the history of the site. This is most prominently shown via Mining buildings or old pit shaft lifts.

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Whatever the size of the job a Grab Lorry Hire Cheltenham based company like are going to be needed. A grab lorry employs the use of a hydraulic arm with a bucket on the end. This allows the truck to load and carry a huge amount of waste speeding up the job of clearance and reducing costs as the amount of other vehicles required is reduced.


Once the site is cleared it is then a task of moving soil to create hillocks for interest and definition. Again, this is a job for the grab lorry as it can move soil as well. This could bring in the possibility of a water feature. The final part is the planting of the Trees and plants to decorate the area.