What to pack for your holiday

We are in uncertain times at the moment and many of us may not get to have the summer holiday that we had originally planned but early Autumn breaks may well be an option.

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When it comes to planning what items of clothing to take with you on holiday we usually look to summer address, shorts and t-shirts but what about if we are holidaying during the Autumn months? Here are a few items that you may want to consider taking with you.

  • Farah Hoodies – You can find some great options at places like https://www.ejmenswear.com/men/farah/hoodies and these are great for popping on over the top of your shirt or dress early in the evening if the temperature starts to drop a little or to have on hand during the day of the weather takes an Autumny turn.

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  • Jeans – you can’t beat a nice pair of jeans for an Autumn holiday. As well as being stylish they can help to keep your legs warm from the cooler breeze and can be paired with any top and shoes to make a fashionable holiday outfit.
  • Trainers – you might not pack your usual summer sandals or flip flops but a nice pair of trainers will work just fine for a holiday later on in the year. These will go together with your jeans and hoodie to give you a great outfit for day or night.