How to look after your trailer.

Just like your car, a trailer needs attention.  While we will lavish money and resources on maintaining vehicles when you are a regular user for tread and pressure.  This is also true for the tyres on the trailer that you are using.  It could cause a serious accident if your trailer is damaged in any way.

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Make time every month to ensure that your trailer is in a good condition.  Starting with the tyres first ensure that the pressure is fully inflated.  Considering the amount of weight you are looking to put into the trailer you will need to make sure that there is plenty of resistance when on the road.

Next check that the trailer is still structurally sound.  Investigate any cracks or rusting in the centre as the last thing that you want is for the bottom of the trailer to collapse when on the road.  Secondly, pay close attention to the gatefold at the back.  You should be able to lock this in an upright position when on the road.  If it were to fail the contents of the trailer would spill out and the gatefold door could also cause damage to other road users.

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Finally take the time to check that the towbar connection is clean and Rust proof.  The connection of the trailer to the towbar of your vehicle is probably the most important part you need to check. Any problems you encounter just look for Trailer Parts at Auto and Trailer.