9 reasons why working from home stinks

Working from home is a great advantage seen from the outside. You do not have to travel to work, which in a big city this can mean about two hours of time gained. You do not have to put up with bosses or heavy comrades and you are free to work at the times that interest you the most. It is easy to reconcile personal and work life. But that’s just the pretty face, because today we’re going to see 9 reasons why working from home sucks .

And here we talk about working from home on a regular basis, every day for a long period of time, either as self-employed or within a large organization. Because the best thing about working from home is having the option of doing it , that is, being able to use this resource when the day has been complicated by a logistical problem at home, a family inconvenience, etc.

1. You are disconnected from the rest of the company

We do not have to put up with the heavy partner, we will not get rid of the boss, but we will not have an emotional connection with the rest of the team either. We are not going to the afterwork, in the company dinner we will not understand half of the jokes, etc. A small emotional connection with the team is necessary to be more productive.

But it will also cost us more to enter into the philosophy of the company. Aligning ourselves with corporate policies will be easier if we are every day sharing a trench with our colleagues . This is one of the reasons why multinationals like IBM have reversed their promotion of teleworking , at least in the United States. Flexible work if, but integrated in a dynamic team and without losing the ability to collaborate.

2. You end up working at very rare times

As I do not have to travel to work, you end up adopting very rare schedules . Or you wake up a lot to have resolved an important part of the day when the rest of the family begins to get up or work very late when everyone is already sleeping. Especially if you do not have the option to isolate yourself at home.

Also to optimize your time, you will buy mid-morning, when you know that the supermarket is almost empty, do the same to go to the gym or to avoid crowds if you have to do any management. Okay, but this means that you are connected many more hours , because during all this time you have to interact and serve colleagues, customers, etc.

3. You take charge of solving any family or home problem

If a problem arises in the home or family you already know that you are going to take care of it . After all, you are the one who can adjust their schedules. That in the best case, for others you just do not work and you stay at home watching series.

It is an evil suffered by many freelancers, with whom one shares the facility to conciliate, but aggravated by the fact of having to work at home , makes you a master of home and free time for everyone. It does not help to tell your mother-in-law that you can not take her to the doctor because you have an appointment with a client. It changes and period.

4. Working in pajamas is fine, but it does not help your productivity

You get out of bed You shower, prepare a coffee and mess . The discipline necessary to not end every day working in pajamas must be imposed from the beginning. Because it is comfortable, but it does not help in anything to improve productivity.

I know some extreme cases of workers who imposed a strict discipline. They followed the same rituals as if they were going to work, drinking coffee at the bar and then returning home to begin with. They even forced the rest of the family members to call them on the phone instead of entering the room where they work. In this way many unnecessary interruptions were avoided.

6. There is not much regulation and companies abuse it

When establishing the conditions to work at home, many companies take advantage of their position of strength and transfer all the loads to the employee. There is hardly regulation . This means that in many cases it ends up being abused, causing them to run with all the expenses without due compensation.

You work with your laptop, your mobile phone or you pay for the Internet line . And besides that you consume electricity in your house, you have to pay more hours of air conditioning, etc. The expense of working at home instead of doing it many times does not compensate. It is true that you will also have access to the Internet, but the company must also cover the expenses or provide you with an additional line.

7. You have less chance of promotion

When you are in a company and you work from home you can do your homework very well, but when it comes to choosing a promotion you simply will not be taken into account . When the names appear to cover a vacancy, working from home will be a handicap .

8. The deduction of expenses is ridiculous

We have seen it with the new law of the self-employed . The deduction of expenses for working at home is simply ridiculous . It is more profitable to hire a position in a coworking than to stay at home. If you want to work at home you have to think it through when declaring the percentage of the home affected by the economic activity.

9. If you do not have a room to work all will invade your space

Because as you also do not have a room designed to work, just for you, assume that your space will be invaded. Especially if you had the bad idea of ​​placing your table in a common space, which are usually the ones with more space. Bad idea.

A hole in the table is perfect for other members of the family to leave their tackle, the cat to cuddle, etc. But it is not just that, but the invasion of space also involves a constant interruption , which makes you lose concentration, having to get up, desperarte on occasion.

When teleworking is done constantly and on a regular basis, either by choice or often by obligation, it can become torture. Especially if we do not have the right habits . It also has its positive things, but many times we do not get to take all the necessary party.