Lighting Tips for your Home

A light fitting need not be large and bold to add the wow-factor to your interior decor. You can achieve this using creative ideas with the shape, size, volume, proportion and materials chosen to instantly transform a room. Here are some useful tips:

  1. Each light fitting has two faces

A light fitting will provide two distinct looks depending on whether it is switched on or off. Consider that a fitting will only really reach its full potential when it is illuminated. A fitting could look subtle during the day but far more exotic once darkness falls, casting a beautiful light and shadow effect. Consider their effect on the space at any time of the day.

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  1. Big isn’t everything

A piece doesn’t have to be big to make a statement, it only has to be beautiful. If you want to have a stand-out piece, then do not allow the rest of the room’s décor to be in competition. Proper proportions and colour schemes will help to set off the fitting to the best advantage. For example, you don’t always need spotlights in the bathroom. Why not try something a little out of the ordinary, such as a retro pendant light that offers elegant curves and unusual style and is a surprising addition to this space?

  1. Mix and Match

Consider using lighting fixtures from a range of different periods and do not be afraid to mix and match styles. It matters not if you have fifties desk lamps combined with contemporary spotlights, as long as they share good design in common. Each lighting has the integrity of design that should stand the test of time.

  1. Lighting can play different roles

Wall lamps perform many functions, not just the lighting. If you are seeking a dramatic ambience, then you must consider how they look when turned on. Decorative chandeliers can look incredible when set against a backdrop of weathered, vintage or industrial style interiors, adding a further dimension to the space.

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  1. Proportion

When it comes to the proportion, most designers agree that you have to up-scale, as the choosing small fittings or lamps can look underwhelming. Playing with scale means upping the size and proportion by choosing large floor lamps, for example. If you’re taking this route, leave the large ceiling pendants out and leave the ceiling rose so the task lighting can take centre stage. For Ceiling Roses, try a site like

  1. Setting different light levels

The ability to set different lighting levels is absolutely key to statement pieces. As with stage lighting, some areas will look better brighter, allowing others to fade gently into the background. If budget is not a concern then using a special circuit is a shortcut to achieve this, because you can program different settings without having to fiddle with individual dimmers.