Six Tips for Creating a Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe – a collection of timeless and classic pieces that you can mix and match – is a must-have for every man. Here are six top tips for creating a great capsule wardrobe to ensure you always look stylish.

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1. Invest in quality

Quality items that you can use time and again are the backbone of a capsule wardrobe. Save the cheaper, fast fashion items for trend-led pieces. When it comes to your wardrobe staples, quality is key. Invest most in shoes, coats and suits so you have stylish, long-lasting pieces you can wear on repeat.

2. Know what suits you

Don’t fill your capsule wardrobe with clothes that are just not your style. If they don’t suit you or aren’t to your taste, the chances are you won’t wear them. And if you do wear them, it’s likely you won’t look entirely happy and confident in them. Choose the styles and cuts that suit you, your body type and your own personal style.

3. Back to basics

When investing in your capsule wardrobe, look for good basic styles in classic colours. Think white, grey or black t-shirts, blue jeans, beige chinos – colour palettes that never go out of fashion. Avoid bright colours and bold prints in your capsule wardrobe – save that for your accent pieces. Retailers such as EJ Menswear stock clothes by Ralph Lauren menswear, which is known for its classic, timeless style.

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4. Get the fit right

Choose well-fitting clothes to always look stylish. Oversized or undersized clothes will spoil the look. If you need to, get your capsule wardrobe clothes altered to fit you perfectly so they look tailor-made.

5. Don’t forget the accessories

A great capsule wardrobe includes great accessories too. A stylish watch, a chic piece of jewellery, a versatile belt and a great pair of shoes can all help to elevate your outfit. In fact, it seems this message is hitting home after research revealed British men are now spending more on shoes than their female counterparts.

6. Look after your capsule wardrobe

Take time to look after your clothes properly to ensure their longevity. Follow care instructions carefully and correctly look after delicate items such as silk, wool and leather. Keep clothes stain and crease-free and shoes polished to create a dapper and stylish look that will be sure to turn heads.