What are the different types of veganism?

You might think that veganism is a term that covers everyone who calls themselves vegan. However, there are, in fact, different subcategories of veganism.

Convenience food vegans – Many busy people rely on the type of fast-food vegan options that they can find in supermarkets. These processed vegan foods include items like chips, frozen meals, desserts, biscuits, non-dairy treats like ice-cream and even vegan meats, for example.

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Raw food vegans – This type of vegan eats only food that can be eaten raw or cooked at a very low, just above room temperature.

Low fat raw food vegans – These can also be known as fruitarians. Fruits are the main part of the diet, whilst avoiding high-fat options such as coconut, nuts and avocado, for example.

Whole food vegans – These vegans prefer a diet full of whole foods like whole grains, nuts, vegetables, fruit and seeds.

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Dietary vegans – This type of vegan is also known as a ‘plant-based eater’ This is a wider group of vegans who avoid meat and animal-derived products in their diet but don’t actively avoid them in their other products, such as household or clothing.

These are the patterns of vegan eating that the majority will follow and the path that is chosen is very much down to personal preference and health concerns.