Considerations before installing air conditioning

Providing your clients or customers with a high-quality service is crucial for the success of any business. As our summers seem to get hotter and more humid, keeping the interiors of office workplaces, stores and other types of commercial buildings cool and healthy during working hours is important in this regard. Air-conditioning installations have become an essential asset in modern commercial buildings across the world and increasingly in the UK as well.

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Whilst there is no one size fits all approach to meet the cooling requirements of all commercial buildings, there are options available that are suitable for every business. Before making a decision on an air conditioning unit to cool your commercial space, here are a number of important questions you need to ask yourself:

How much space do you need to cool down?

Commercial spaces vary in size and to ensure efficient cooling services, it is very important to install the right-sized air conditioning unit in your commercial building. Determining what air conditioner size you need is fairly easy. You only need to calculate the size of your room or building in square meters and match your air conditioner with the size of your room / building. If your commercial space is smaller, you should shop around for units with smaller cooling capacities, and vice versa.

Fortunately, air conditioner makers usually provide a size guide or chart for customers to follow when determining the right size unit for their building.

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Because there may be other important factors that you need to consider, you should seek the advice and recommendation of a commercial air conditioner expert about your requirements and needs before picking a particular air conditioning type for the cooling of your commercial space. For help with this kind of project, consider Building Services firms like

How efficient is your air conditioner?

Star or alphabet systems are commonly used to classify the efficiency of electrical equipment such as air conditioners. The higher the number of stars or the closer to the letter ‘A’ a particular unit displays, the greater its efficiency. In general, AC units with a higher number of stars or a higher ‘A’ rating are quite expensive to install, but they are cheaper to operate in the long run. If you want to save money, it is best to invest in an air conditioner with the highest energy efficiency rating.

Do you have an HVAC duct already installed?

Whether you have the right channel available or not can also influence your decision about the type of commercial cooling unit you should install. Installing air ducts can significantly increase the cost of installing air conditioners, so you might want to choose an air conditioning system without ducts if you don’t have air ducts in your building. But if you already have a work channel installed in your building, you can save a lot of money by adding new air conditioners to your existing work channel.