Getting to grips with the Spring Clean

Whether you love cleaning or would rather have teeth out, Spring is nearly upon us and of course, the inevitable Spring clean! Try to be positive and see it as a wonderful opportunity to throw open the windows and clear out the dust of winter from your home. If you break up the tasks into a list and go room-by-room, the task doesn’t seem quite as daunting. Here are some tips for jobs that probably need doing and some that definitely will:


Give all fixtures a dust, like lighting and wipe down wall trims and walls if you’re feeling energetic. Store away heavy winter coats and wellies etc and clean or replace the front door mat.


Dust the shelves, ornaments and other fixtures. Give the carpet a good vacuum. Book your twice yearly professional carpet clean to rid your carpet of all the dust, dirt and bacteria accumulated over the winter. For a Cheltenham Carpet Cleaning Company, visit

Wipe the windows, TV screen and dust any electronics. Have a clear out and tidy away excess books, magazines or DVDs. Wash any cushion covers or blankets/throws and wipe down door knobs, wall trim and plastic toys.

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Open the windows and clean blinds or curtains. Remove items from drawers and give them a wipe out, doing the same for the cupboards. Use an antibacterial wipe or spray on chopping boards, work surfaces and clean the crumbs out of the toaster. Clean your oven, wipe down cupboard doors and handles and throw out any expired food from fridge or cupboards. Wipe down the walls and trim, mop the floor and clean the windows. Scrub the sink and the taps and descale the kettle. Top of the grout behind the sink if needed.

Dining Room

Take down and wash the curtains, wiping the windows too. Wipe down the chairs and the table and dust the furnishings. Polish the table if necessary and wash any table cloths. Wipe down window sills and clean the floors. Wipe down walls and trim. Think about creating an attractive Spring centrepiece for the table.


Open up the windows and dust the furniture. Have a good declutter of wardrobes and donate any no longer required items. Sweep out closets and move the bed out to vacuum underneath. Sprinkle the mattress with baking soda to freshen it, leave for 30 minutes and then vacuum it up. Put bedding and curtains in the wash, washing the pillows and duvets in hot water. Wipe down window sills, mirrors, ornaments and doorknobs. Don’t forget to include your upstairs when you have your carpets cleaned.

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Airing this room is important, so open windows and wipe down glass and sills. Empty all cabinets, wash and tidy items. Clean out the bath and the plug and then the toilet both in and out, making sure to clean around the seat bolts too. Clean the sink and shine the taps, wipe down mirrors and dust the light fittings. Vacuum and mop the floor with antibacterial cleaning product.