Gryffindor Tower

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The Gryffindor Tower is really one of the finest places in the castle and it’s easy to see why Harry doesn’t want to leave it, especially as prior to that he had been living under the stairs in Privet Drive. We don’t get to see the insides of any of the other Houses with the exception of Slytherin but Harry and Ron do not tarry there too long as they are disguised as Crabbe and Goyle at the time via the Polyjuice potion, and it starts to wear off fast. Percy leads the First years to the common room and instructs them on how to get in. First, they must pass the shifting stairs that seem to think it’s perfectly acceptable to move about and drop you in places that you really don’t want to be. Such as an encounter with Fluffy the 3 headed Dog for example. They come face to face with the Fat lady. A painting that guards the doorway to the Tower. Originally Elizabeth Spriggs then she’s replaced with Dawn French in time for Sirius Black to start causing trouble.

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After they have negotiated the fat lady she swings round to reveal the door. Upon the entering the Tower you immediately get the feel that this is a warm and friendly place, which it is. A roaring fire awaits, perfect for supposedly evil Uncles to pop in at some point. Very impressive the first time round but not so much the second as the producers seemed to want to save a bit of money.

There are comfy sofas, desks for writing and studying plus a nice large area for games and the usual high jinks that young Gryffindor’s like to get up to. There is also space for the highly prized House and Quidditch cup. This two seem the end up in the Gryffindor cabinet a lot when Harry is there at school. Spiral staircases led up to the dormitories. Left for girls and right for boys. Very important that you remember that.

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The dormitories sleep 4 to a room. Each bed is a four poster with the handy privacy curtain, so you can look at the marauders map without revealing that you are plus castles are renowned for being drafty. Harry has the bed by the window so that he can look all brooding and sad. Dean Thomas and Seamus do not get a look in.   Good luck tomorrow young Gryffindor’s!