How to easily get more living space

We’d all love to have more space in the house. However, while an extension is a good choice for some, there are some properties that are difficult to extend or simply don’t have enough outdoor space. Fortunately, there are other options to make the most of the space you have.

Convert your attic

If your attic is filled with garbage, it’s time to have a clear out to see if it’s suitable to convert. First, check whether there is enough head height. Less height does not make a loft conversion impossible, because you can raise the roof, but this is an expensive option and will require planning permission.


If it’s outside room you want more of, a veranda gives a stylish look and allows you to use your outdoor space whatever the weather. Find out more about Verandas Stratford Upon Avon at a site like Centurion, providers of Verandas Stratford Upon Avon

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Repurpose the garage

As well as a project that can be done with minimal disruption to daily life, if the structure is watertight and structurally sound, it will also be cost-effective. Installed or integrated garage which can be accessed from your home will make the project easier.

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Changing cupboard space into a cloakroom

Once you start looking around your home for underutilized space, you will be surprised at how much can be turned into something more liveable. Large closets or space under your stairs are ripe for refitting as a compact but useful cloakroom.