Six lighting ideas and tips

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the right lighting can transform any room from drab and dismal into warm and welcoming, but how can you ensure you choose the right light accessories for your home? Here are some simple tips to help you light up your life.

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Think about where you place your lights

Consider the layout of your room when deciding where to place lights. If you have a dark corner that doesn’t receive much light, adding a lamp to that area can make a huge difference. Always ensure you have enough lights for your space too – larger rooms will need several lights or lamps scattered about to create a welcoming ambience.

Choose the right light for your needs

Kitchens and bathrooms generally require brighter lighting than living rooms and bedrooms. No one wants to chop vegetables in the dark, but low lighting can help make a night in on the sofa cosier and more relaxing. Security lighting is also something to consider – for example, you may want to add a new garage door from somewhere like this garage doors Gloucester based company Up and Over Garage Doors to improve the safety of your garage, but lighting is also something to consider using for this purpose.

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Complement your decor

If your home style is rustic and you favour natural materials, modern chrome light fixtures, for example, might look out of place. Likewise, if you favour a minimalist approach to decor, you won’t want anything too fussy when it comes to lamps and lights.

Use coloured glass fixtures to add interest

You don’t need to go over the top, but coloured light fixtures can change the mood in your room by casting a gently tinted hue across your space. Check out designer lighting ranges for inspiration on how to add colour to your lighting scheme.

Add a focal point

A statement floor lamp or eye-catching light fitting is a great way to lift your entire room at minimal cost and with very little effort. Elle Decor explains how a striking floor lamp can instantly add interest and glamour to your living room.

Add sparkle with crystal fittings

You don’t need to splash out on an extravagant antique chandelier to be able to enjoy the pretty sparkle added by crystal light fixtures. Many contemporary light fixtures can add drama to your decor with subtle yet effective crystal embellishments.