Tips for Bringing a New Puppy Home

For many people, lockdown and the slower pace of life was a great opportunity to get a new puppy. Having all of the time to spend at home with the puppy, many people have decided now is the time to bring a new puppy home.


For many people who have never owned a dog before, or even people who have, puppy ownership can come as a bit of a shock! Before diving straight in and buying a puppy, there are some things that you should consider to make sure that you know what you are taking on, and give your new pup the best start in life…

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Toilet Training – Toilet training can be something that people struggle with, particularly if you are quite houseproud. Think about the flooring in your home, particularly in the room your pup will be in to begin with. Something like this engineered wood flooring is better than textile floor coverings like rugs and carpets for cleaning.


Sleep – You need to be prepared to lose out on sleep for a bit. A puppy is like a new-born baby, and to begin with it is better if you sleep in the same room as your new pup t help them to feel comfortable as they will possibly be quite nervous when they first arrive home with you.

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Chewing – Something that all young puppies do is chew – make sure that you have plenty of toys for them to enjoy chewing on to help save your furniture, skin and clothes from the worst of their assaults!