Change you can Make to Help Save the Planet

The earth is facing a problem and we are already starting to see the effects of climate change on the planet. Scientists all around the world are in agreement that there is an urgent need for change if we are going to be able to avert this problem. This means each one of us needs to make changes to make an impact. Here are some of things that you could do to reduce your carbon footprint…

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Think about your transport. Cars are one of the biggest problems and they have had a huge detrimental effect on the environment and also on human health as the fumes can cause respiratory illnesses. So have a look at electric cars or better still, start cycling! You will also benefit your body and overall health this way!

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Plastic is a huge problem, and it is something that we should all be moving away from especially when there is an alternative. Before you buy anything, look to see if there are other options – things not made from plastic, such as this bamboo toothbrush for example.


The food that we buy is also something that we can change. Food that has travelled a long way to us has a bigger carbon footprint, so have a look at local farm shops and greengrocers and buy the foods that are in season at the moment. Look for foods with less packaging, or packaging that can be recycled too.