3 Beautiful bouquet designs to perfectly complement the dress

The design of your wedding bouquet will have a big impact on the overall look and feel of your dress, so here are a few ideas to get you started.

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An organic hand-tied bouquet

Perfect for a rustic wedding, this bouquet creates a soft, romantic feel. Get the organic effect by hand-tying a mix of blooms with foliage softly escaping throughout. Try it in the earthy tones of peach, blush and marsala using different sized blooms, berries and foliage to create a relaxed whimsical vibe.

This arrangement works in a variety of colour palettes. Check with your florist which flowers are in season at the time of your wedding and they’ll advise you on how they can fit into this style. Another source for this is the Flowers and Plants Association.

A freshly picked bouquet of foraged flowers and foliage

This is great for a relaxed wedding in the country or on the beach. Use flowers and foliage associated with your wedding’s location, putting it all together to create a just-picked feel. You can do this yourself; just make sure you do a few trial runs by standing your picked items in water for 24 hours and then leaving them out for eight hours to check how well they hold up. You could mix in some foraged items with commercially grown blooms to create the colour and look you’re after.

Your bouquet should complement your dress and your venue. To combine beautiful wedding dress designs with settings, it’s a great idea to draw them together with a bouquet sourced from your wedding’s surroundings. You can use the expertise’s of a Florist Gloucester way such as https://flowershedtewkesbury.co.uk to create a beautiful bouquet for you, tailored to your theme.

A pretty bouquet of pinks and purples

For a pretty, romantic feel, you can’t beat purple and pink. Roses are perfect because they add vintage charm. Combining this with texture and aroma using lavender, sweet peas and other seasonal flowers, you can create a bouquet that is ideal for any setting. If you’re on a budget, give your florist free reign to source the best combinations for your colour scheme using seasonal options. Check that they’re members of the British Florist Association to be sure you’re dealing with a professional.

Your bouquet is your wedding dress’s most important accessory, so make sure it perfectly complements your dress and venue.