3 Top tips for getting a broken key out of a lock

For owners of vehicles or properties, chances are you’ve experienced having a key break off in the lock. This scenario happens more than you’d think.

You will need to consider a few variables when attempting to remove a broken key from the lock. For example, how deep down does the broken lock go? Obviously, you also may need some specific tools.

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Pulling with pliers – Depending on the depth at which the key breaks, you might be able to grab the end, if sticking out of the lock, with the pliers. Using tweezers is the complicated method, as most are not appropriately sized to remove the keys. They need to open wide enough to cover the lock. This is important because many times it is all too easy to push the key further into the lock, if you accidentally push with the tweezers.

Call a locksmith – If a key has been broken flush with the lock, then you should call a locksmith. For an Auto locksmith Southend, visit a site like Bright’s, a specialist Auto locksmith Southend.

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Superglue – This method is only advisable when all else has failed. It is also disliked by locksmiths, as it can lead to more damage to the lock. Typically, you would use something small, like a wooden match to attach to the key with super glue. On forming a strong bond, try to extract the remaining end of the key from the lock by pulling.