4 branding mistakes to avoid

The importance of branding cannot be underestimated and so it is vital to get it right when it comes to creating your company ‘promise’. With this in mind, here are some common mistakes that you should try to steer clear of.

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Over-focusing on your logo

Whether you ask an expert in London or a branding agency Gloucestershire based, you will be told that your brand is about much more than just your logo. Therefore, it is pointless spending a fortune on logo redesigns without also investing in other brand assets such as customer care delivery and product quality.

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Successful branding is all about consistency as this is what helps to build everything from familiarity to loyalty and credibility. Inconsistency, by contrast, can be very damaging and should be avoided across all platforms. Remember your brand should always be represented in the same way whether you are focusing on communication, personality, promotions, or any other interaction with your clients, customers or target audience.

Not giving branding enough thought

Many people dive into business and focus first and foremost on making money. Instead, start out by building your brand, possibly with the help of a company such as
www.reallyhelpfulmarketing.co.uk/brand-development/. This will ensure you create the right first impression and the rest should follow. You can find advice about building your brand at https://www.fsb.org.uk/resources/building-your-brand.


It can be really tempting to build your brand and then almost forget about it, but this is a big mistake. As such a vital part of your business, it should be continually nurtured, and you should always be striving to change to meet changing needs in the marketplace and to deliver even better quality wherever possible.

You also need to be ready to adapt if things don’t work out. Not every branding strategy will be hugely successful the first time around and so you need to be ready with a plan B to ensure that you instantly recover and don’t lose momentum.

There is no doubt that brand management is a tricky business, but you should always endeavour to remember that your company is about more than simply the products and services that you offer. Instead, it is about the overall experience you offer to your audience and this is what defines the identity of your brand and, ultimately, shapes how successful your business is likely to be.