6 Things To Do Prevent Car Theft

Unsurprisingly, cases of car vandalization and theft increase nearly every year. This is one reason why insurers require higher premium. However, it is possible to educate ourselves about improved vehicle safety. There are ways we can do to keep our cars safe from theft and we should inspire our family to implement similar methods. Getting our cars broken through is an unfortunate situation.

They will not only steal expensive electronic items, such as MP3 player, satellite navigation equipments, multimedia equipments, but also steal our car. In many cases, breaking into a car can be done relatively quickly by simply bashing the windows. This often happens to cars that are parked in near-deserted parking lots. Here are things we should do to prevent theft:

1. Don’t leave anything valuable inside the car:

People have gotten their cars broken into for cheap things like baby bags. Many people keep their iPod attached to the multimedia system of the car, which makes it a juicy target for any car thief. Each time we get out of the car, we should take all the valuables with us or at least put them at places that people can’t see.

2. Choose secured parking lot:

If we park our car at night, we should choose only secured parking lot. If such a facility is not available, we should look for well-lit area, such as directly under a streetlight. Thieves hate well-lit areas and they prefer to choose cars that are parked in the darkness to improve their chances.

3. Check the garage:

We should check the garage each night before we go to sleep. This should become a daily habit while we check other doors. Some families have their garages used as game room or storage unit, which cause them to park the car on the driveway or lawn. For this reason; people with Chevy Corvette, Chevy Camaro or other highly desirable cars may find themselves at heightened risk. We shouldn’t expect local police units to find our car immediately.

4. Lock the car:

We should always remember to lock the car. When we are in a hurry, we could rush into the convenience store or toilet without locking the car. It only takes a few seconds for thieves to grab valuables from inside the car.

5. Install car alarm:

Car owners should choose quality alarms that are installed professionally. It’s also worth the money to get an immobilizer, because it prevents the car from being started. It’s also useful to install hidden GPS-based tracking equipment so the authority can trace the car when it’s stolen.

6. Lock the steering wheel and pedals:

Steering wheel and pedal locks are affordable accessories that can deter people from stealing our cars. They may not really prevent determined thieves, but they are more likely to choose a less-secured car to reduce the risk of being caught.

Preventing car theft should be reasonably easy to do if we have proper measures and good safety habits.