Adding some landscaping around a beautiful log cabin.

Log cabins have for many years been a popular option for people looking to have a week away surrounded by nature, but thy have equally been the building style option for many people, especially those living in Scandinavian countries. There are also more and more options becoming available in around the UK with Log Cabins for sale in Northern Ireland from companies such as 

What should you consider when looking to landscape the area around a log cabin?

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Know your surroundings

Before you start digging and planting, it is important that you are aware of where any of your utility cables and pipes enter the house so as not to dig straight through a pipe or plant a tree where it will outgrow the space it has above it and start to affect the fabric of the building. Equally you don’t want to plant a tree to close to the log cabin as the roots will over time start to affect the foundations of the building and may cause you further issues.

Go with Nature

One of the appeals of log cabin living is the rustic natural feel that the properties give. This is why you will find most of them have equally as naturally looking landscaped areas. This may mean trying to recreate the feel of a forest or meadow area and steering clear of any harsh lines and building materials like concrete and stone. Pebbles are often used to create pathways and planting borders.

Don’t worry about species

Running through a list of plant species that you want to include may not always be the best use of your time. The best starting point is to think about how you want the area to look and then search for plants that will reach the height and spread that you are looking for as well as producing the colour palette that you are hoping to achieve.

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It is important to know where the sun enters your property and when. This helps you to decide on whether you need to plant any shade creating plants such as high spread trees and will also help you to find plants that are happy with the amount of sunlight that they will receive in their planting location.

Maintenance is key

Once you have landscaped and planted the outdoor environment you will need to think about regular maintenance of the area to ensure that your plants stay healthy and looking their best for years to come.