All You Need to Know About Locum Insurance

Locum insurance is a type of insurance that relates to policies made specifically for the locum doctor. A locum is the person who works for a practice when absences are made during sickness or in case of an accident. All practitioners need to know about all types of policies related to locum insurance. The following section provides some information about locum insurance.

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Locum insurance provides a cover when a person is unable to complete his practice due to certain reasons. These reasons can be a case of an accident, sickness, or any other reason. The locum will work for the rest of the days until that person becomes able to do his practice again. All the policies will be claimed according to the time and efforts. For more information on Locum Insurance, visit a site like MPRS, providers of Locum Insurance.

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In the past locum insurance policies were mostly medically incomplete ones, with no cover for conditions that already existed at the time of the policy. This type of policy was in favour of the insurer but not so good for the insured. For example, if a person had back pain at the time of taking out the policy, he will not be granted any locum in case of future back pain due to any reason.

However, new locum insurance policies keep this point in consideration and remove this shortfall of older policies. Now the policies ignore the pre-existing conditions restriction unless it results in a continuous absence of up to 10 days in the last one or two years of the policy.