Anti-slip coatings for your tiles to be considered

If you have tiles on the floors in your home and are looking to add an anti-slip product or coating, there are plenty of options available. You should always make sure that they’re compatible with the type of flooring you have so you don’t cause any damage.  This is why it is important if you are a landlord to get a Property inspection app from sources such as  These apps are incredible and allow all sorts of information to be kept safe like any damages in the house, when they were repaired, any leaks that have happened and more.  It really does bring the property inspection world into the future of technology.  You can book property visits ahead of time, accept bookings from clients and re-schedule appointments with a simple drag and drop diary.

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Why add an anti-slip coating?

Any flooring tiles in the home can become very slippery, especially when wet. Slippery tiles, whether they have just been washed or a spillage has occurred, can be very dangerous and can cause anything from a bruised leg to a broken bone or worse. Adding an anti-slip coating can make them much safer. If you’re concerned about safety in your home, The Family Handyman has some other advice about avoiding slips, trip and falls around the house.

How does an anti-slip coating work?

Some products change the actual molecular structure of the tile to make it less prone to becoming slippery and are applied as a two-stage process.

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If you want a simpler approach for your flooring tiles, you can try a solution that is rinsed off after it has been applied. This option can change the appearance of your tiles so be sure to test a small area first to be certain you’re happy with the way the whole floor will look.

Any product that makes the home a safer place is worth the investment; just make sure you choose the right one for you.

Safety always has to come first and if your a landlord you have certain responsibilities to your tenants by law.  You have to provide safety features like fire alarms, smoke detectors, a fire escape and safe wiring with a circuit board that switches off when it detects fault.