Are you being sued?

When you are involved in a dispute that gets out of hand, it’s a good idea to take some initial legal advice about how to respond to it.

If you are in a position where someone threatens you with court action, there may be no easy answer that will avoid or prevent it. If you are guilty, you may be able to involve your insurance company if goods or services provided by you were damaged or inadequate. You may possibly be able to offer a reasonable response that requires opponents to justify the need for the initial court action against you or they risk being told by the court to reimburse the cost of legal proceedings. For advice, consider contacting Family Law Solicitors Southend at a site like Drysdales, a leading Family Law Solicitors Southend.

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If the other party is entitled to payment of the contract but you have a counter claim, your claim will be investigated at the beginning of the proceedings and if it should be synchronized as a defence to the claim, it will not be left to be dealt with later. Do not ignore the problem and leave it too late. It can be difficult to reverse, especially if you let a court order be placed against you without refuting or defending it.

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How can people get money from you?

Those suing you are restricted to certain procedures and should have a court order, usually issued after you have had the chance to contest the case. Exceptions to this include matter relating to taxes and electricity bills, which must be dealt with first because warrants may be granted by the court without you knowing about them.