Best British dramas

Britain has always been great at exporting our best actors and actresses. Many have appeared in American TV shows and of course, Hollywood blockbusters. We have some of the best acting in the world and some of the very best dramas. Here are just a few examples of the best of British drama:


For anyone who’s never seen Broadchurch, it’s available to watch on Netflix. It stars David Tennant and Olivia Colman of Doctor Who fame and is one of the top dramas on TV. The show follows the pair as a crime-solving duo of very different personality traits as they try to uncover the mysteries behind the death of a boy in a quiet British town. The first series features 8 episodes, so grab a cuppa and some biscuits and have a binge-watching session!

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A clever mix of sci-fi and drama, this show follows the experiences of a group of young delinquents who gain special powers from a supernatural storm. Although their powers do make up a great deal of the storyline and plot, it’s the compelling interaction and relationships between the group that makes this drama so gripping. If you’ve never seen, you’re missing a treat as it won Best Drama Series in the 2010 BAFTA TV awards.

The A Word

After two successful series, this can be called one of the best depictions of living with autism. Starring Christopher Eccleston as the father of a young boy with autism in a small town in the Lake District, it has received much praise from real-life parents of children with the spectrum disorder. It offers a touching portrayal of the struggles faced by normal families at home and at school.


A British classic was given a new lease of life with this Emmy-winning series set in modern times. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman star in this compelling re-telling of the Arthur Conan Doyle books. Their chemistry is fantastic, and the modern twist brings an energetic and fun feel to the classic and iconic tale of a detective and his side-kick. To catch up, the show is available on both Amazon and Google Play. Make sure there’s nothing preventing you from tuning into new dramas as they appear. For help with TV Aerials Swansea, visit

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Line of Duty

This is one gritty, fast-paced drama that will have you on the edge of your seat. Following the police anti-corruption unit and their fictional investigations over four series has made this show one of the most watched in the last decade. It’s full of suspense and a real thriller. While each series can be watched as a stand-alone series, you’ll want to watch them in order and you’ll be hooked!

Peaky Blinders

There have been four series charting the life of the Shelby family from Birmingham. They are certainly no ordinary family though, as the return of the men after World War I sees gangs forming and the gritty, desperate bid for survival. The head of the Shelby family, Thomas finds himself torn between legitimate business and a dark life of crime.