Best Gear for Trail Running

Sometimes a run around the local park just isn’t enough, and runners nowadays are finding they want ever more challenging trails that are off the beaten track. If you’ve found yourself amongst these new breed of trail runners, then you’ll need to ensure you have all the best gear. From clothing to accessories, we look at the best options for trail running.

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Clothing and footwear are vitally important to your run. Lightweight synthetic clothing will help your skin breathe, but be sure to cut out any potentially annoying labels. A merino wool jumper for chilly periods and a lightweight jacket are also wise. The ultralight Patagonia Houdini windcheater is a great jacket. Be sure to buy proper tail running shoes that have been designed for the job, as well as a good pair of socks.

Sun Protection

It may feel chilly, but if the sun is out you need sunscreen. A great option for runners is a sweat-resistant stick rather than lotion. You need sunglasses too that have been specifically designed for runners, such as the Sunwise Waterloo GS

Foil Blanket

These blankets are lightweight and could save your life. Really good ones fold up small enough to fit in your pack, and should you suffer a sprained ankle and need to camp out for a while, it could save your life.

Bag and Vest/Pack

You need a pack to put all your accessories in, so go for a lightweight option that truly spreads the weight across your upper body such as a vest pack. If you plan on heading to a trail start and then leaving your bag at the checkpoint, the Vanquest Messenger Bag from is a great option, as its many spacious compartments mean you’ll find room for everything.

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You know to never head out on a trail run without water, but it’s essential you get the right kind of bottle. Buy your water bottle after you have chosen your vest pack to ensure the two are compatible.


Any long-distance runner will be able to attest to the usefulness of lube. Running causes chafing and friction in many areas of the body and a good lube such as Bodyglide will help you carry on when things get sore. It also comes in a handy rub-on stick.