Can TV Actually Benefit Children?

The idea of children watching TV has become synonymous with lazy parenting and obese children, yet in reality, television can have a positive effect on the younger generation when done properly. Of course, allowing your child to watch unsuitable programming isn’t going to help, but when they are able to watch educational shows, you’d be surprised at the effect it has.

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TV as a Teacher

Children learn from their parents, teachers and peers, but television can also work well as a teacher. Educational TV allows your child to learn about a variety of subjects that they may not be learning about in school. Many programmes cater towards a young audience when explaining often complicated subjects, so it’s no wonder that some schools show them in their classrooms.


Choosing specific shows for children to watch can be important in growing their intellect. Studies have found that children who watched educational shows performed much better in tests than children who just watched cartoons. Allowing children to watch TV whenever they want can, however, have a detrimental effect on their health, which is why it is important to also limit screen time.

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Role Models

By choosing educational shows for your child, it’s likely that they may find a role model who can help to promote positivity. This type of show often has messages about staying healthy and being kind, so it can influence them to make good life choices. Of course, this can be done with the help of a parent or carer too, but it shows that TV is not all bad. You can look into Bristol Aerial Installations such as those found at, if you want your child to have access to educational shows that may serve as a good influence.

Wider Horizons

The great thing about television is that it opens your mind up to things that you may never have seen before. It’s doubtful, although entirely possible, that one of their next holidays will be to see lions in their natural habitat or see the scale of an Egyptian pyramid in person, so this type of information can help immensely as an educational resource.

Although watching TV can be deemed as harmful, by choosing the types of programmes and limiting time spent watching it, it can be highly beneficial to our children.