Cleaning Laminated Floors

Laminate floors are very popular all around the world and appreciated because of their flexibility and the ease they can be installed with. They are very beautiful, and people love the way light bounces and shines on them. They go very nice with curtains, blinds, and other decorative elements.

Many homes are outfitted with laminated floors. There is a large selection of colors, so they fit very nicely into interiors with different styles. Laminated floors need to kept dry, and there are a few things that you need to pay attention to if you have them in your home.

Regular Cleaning

The key to stopping scratches on laminated floors is regular cleaning. This is also a big tip in general. Regularly wipe them with a dry rag to remove dirt, then you won’t have to use strong chemicals or cleaning agents.

Don’t use standard Brushes

This may seem like too much, but firm and hard brushes with sharp hairs can damage the surface of the laminated floors. Use a dry dust rag or a soft brush.

Avoid spilling Liquids

You should clean the liquid up as soon as you spill it. Don’t allow it to stay on the floor for a longer period of time, because it can change the color of the floor and damage the protective layer. Soak in the extra liquid with a dry rag or a paper towel and never allow the floors to stay wet.

Cleaning with Warm Water

From time to time, laminated floors should be thoroughly cleaned. Since the mildest cleaning agent is water, use it. Cleaning with warm water should be done once a month or when you notice the floor is muddy or dirty.

Clean the Laminate with Vinegar

If your laminate looks dirty or has stains, even if it looks like it is fading, use a mixture of water and vinegar. Never use pure vinegar, since it is too abrasive. A mixture of water and vinegar will make your floor shiny, and the smell with go away in minutes. If you can’t stand the smell you can add a few drops of lemon, peppermint or scented oil.

Clean the Laminate with Alcohol or Acetone

For tougher stains, like ink or nail polish, use alcohol. You can also try to make a water alcohol mix. The other option is to use acetone on a clean white fabric. Wipe the surface to remove stains.

Remove sticky stains

In case you notice wax or gum stains that are notoriously hard to remove, put ice on the floor and gently use a knife to remove them. Be careful not to scratch the laminate. Ice can be also used to remove gum from carpets.

Never use a Polishing Machine

Sanding or polishing should never be used on laminated floors. This machine will completely damage the floor, and you will be force to replace it. These machines are only used for hardwood floors.

Don’t use abrasive Cleaning Agents

All of them need to be avoided. They can cause permanent damage. Also, stay away from a steel brush.

Clean laminate with baby shampoo

Instead of using a detergent, try baby shampoo. It is very gentle and you can freely use it. Mix it with water until bubbles are created, soak a sponge and clean the floor.

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