Common plumbing problems caused by cold weather

When the temperature drops, it’s good to know that your plumbing system can cope. Freezing weather can cause a range of plumbing problems that can cause misery in the colder months. Try to avoid these common problems for a trouble-free winter.

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Busted boiler

The first cold snap hits and you fire up your heating system and nothing happens. If you didn’t book a professional boiler service earlier in the year, you may have made an expensive mistake – especially if you have a combi boiler.

Your hot water boiler may also be doing double duty in the winter months. If that extra strain causes your hot water system to fail, you could be looking at a replacement. It pays to make sure that all water and heating systems are tested and serviced before the winter hits, and to think about an if your equipment is over 10 years old.

Frozen pipes

If you’ve taken the time to lag your pipes, empty outdoor hoses and turn off spigots, you shouldn’t have a problem. Leave your water pipes unprotected and you’re asking for trouble. Water that freezes inside the pipes expands and causes cracks and leaks. Unfortunately, the resulting damage can be costly to correct.

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If you do suffer a burst pipe, turn off the water supply immediately, then call plumbers Dublin customers trust like to repair the leak before it does too much damage.

Clogged drains

With your family spending more time indoors, your drainage system is under more pressure during the winter. The extra food preparation at this time of year alone can lead to clogged drains and even flooding. The problem is that when fat or grease are poured into cold pipes, you create your very own “fatberg”.

Arming yourself with a plunger is one solution, but prevention is better than cure. Instead of putting fat and grease down the drain, make sure you bottle it up and throw it in the rubbish, or ask a professional plumber to fit a grease trap for you.

Ask the professionals

When you’re winterising your plumbing system, it pays to have your home checked by a professional plumber. That way, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your pipes and drainage are up to the task of coping with a winter freeze.