Could This Bungalow Provide a Solution to Britain’s Affordable Housing Crisis?

Britain’s housing crisis has been talked about for years, with the high cost of buying property plus a shortage of decent rental properties being major issues in many areas. Renting seems to be the only option, particularly in property hot spots such as London, the South East and around major cities like Bristol, Manchester and Leeds. But now there is an alternative which could help the government meet its housing targets.

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Willerby Innovations of Hull can make a new fully-fitted home every day. A two-bedroom urban bungalow costs £60,000, which includes transport and installation, while a one-bedroom costs £55,000. Building more flat-pack or timber-framed homes across the United Kingdom could help ease pressure on the existing housing market immediately.

Supplying Affordable Housing

According to an article on the Willerby Innovation website, more than 72,000 families, including the elderly and disabled, are living in temporary accommodation such as high-rise blocks or B&B accommodation. These bungalows would be ideal to meet the needs of Britain’s ageing population as well as people with disabilities and wheelchair users.

Although the government has pledged to build one million homes by 2020, progress could be speeded up immensely by building flat-packed homes. The predictions are that thousands more people are at risk of being made homeless because of increased rents, and there is a lack of housing supply to meet the growing demands of the elderly, vulnerable and homeless.

Housing Shortage in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland also faces its own housing problems, with an 11 per cent rise in house prices because of growing demand and a lack of supply, according to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. When a new housing development opened on the old Belvoir Park Hospital site in Belfast, there were queues to snap up the properties. New homes are needed now, and timber-frame structures offer one of the most advanced methods of construction for single dwellings, townhouses or apartment blocks. For more information about these homes, you can contact a Northern Ireland timber frame construction company such as

More than 70 per cent of the world’s population live in timber-frame buildings, and it offers a fast and efficient method of construction which therefore reduces building costs. They can be manufactured off-site, with the kits erected and fitted out on-site.