Dating Agency for Frogs – What is the Mountain Chicken Frog?

Officially named the giant ditch frog, it is named the Mountain Chicken due to the fact it is actually a local delicacy on the islands of Dominica and Monserrat, something which has partly led to its decline in numbers. this is a frog in need of help. It is critically endangered, not only due to its delicious taste to the locals, but also due to a disease known as chytridiomycosis, a disease that comes from a fungus and effects a large number of amphibians, making their species endangered.

Just to give an idea of how serious the problem is the, the population of the Mountain chicken frog has declined by 90% in the last ten years. There are only 86 known individuals living in Dominica, and only 2 on Monserrat – so you can see how in need of help this species are. They are crucial to the eco-system of the area, as a top predator of insects considered pests, they are great contributors to the islands pest control!


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So this is where the frog dating agency comes in – Chester Zoo is one of a few European zoos involved in a breeding programme, with a view to introduce them back into the wild in the future. Along with the Zoological society of London, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Norden Ark in Sweden, efforts are being made to get these frogs population back to where it should be so their species can return home. At Chester zoo, twenty-four frogs have been matched – the last hope for their kind!


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Of course, if successful in their efforts, this can be applied to many other species facing extinction – Chester Zoo is a great place to go and visit these beautiful and charismatic creatures, they also hold learning days where you can learn about the amphibians from the keeper. Chester taxi service can get you there, it is a great place to take the kids as well to learn about the importance of preserving nature, as of course there are plenty of other animals there to see as well as the frogs.

The zoo is home to all sorts of mammals and birds, so there really is something for the whole family to enjoy there, and during half term they also hold the ‘Enchantment of Chester Zoo’ event which is great fun for the kids.