Did you know you can use silicone hoses for these things?

A silicone hose can have many uses beyond the obvious ones that people associate with hoses, such as an essential gardening tool. They can be used in many applications because of the flexibility of the material. Silicone hoses are versatile thanks to their durability and ability to withstand heat. Here is a look at some of their uses.


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Home brewing

If you’ve brewed before, you will know that you need a way to siphon the beverage from one container to another to bottle it up without spoiling it through exposure to air. Silicon tubing is perfect for this as it comes in different diameters to get into small openings, and it is very flexible, making the siphoning an easy experience.

The dairy industry

The dairy industry uses silicone hoses in milking machines, which use vacuum pumps to extract the milk from cows. Silicone is an excellent material to use for this because it works particularly well in vacuums in addition to being durable.


If you have an aquarium with any type of filtration system, you know that you will need a tube to connect them. Traditionally, vinyl was used in aquarium tubing, but silicone is now increasingly being used thanks to its flexibility, durability and ability to withstand pressure. Silicone hose manufacturers are increasingly supplying hosing to this industry.

Coffee machines

Coffee machine manufacturers use silicone hosing in their machines because silicone is heat-resistant and leak-proof. They are used for industrial machines in the food industry and in the machines that we use in our homes for making our favourite beverages. The silicone tube is particularly useful for internal milk frothing units in machines.

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Hookah pipes

This Middle-Eastern form of smoking is becoming more popular, and people are using silicone hose manufacturers such as https://www.goodflexrubber.com/pages/silicone-hose-manufacture  to create their own pipes at home. Silicone piping is suitable because it helps cool the smoke down before inhalation in addition to being durable and flexible.


To cut down on plastic waste, silicon straws have been invented. An alternative to the traditional drinking straw, they can be reused and contain medical-grade silicone that doesn’t deteriorate.

Catheter tubing

Medical grade silicone tubing is used throughout the medical and pharmaceutical industry. For example, silicone is used in catheter tubing because of its stability as a material.