Do It Yourself Christmas gifts are growing in popularity

Christmas is just around the corner, and many people will be scouring the shops to find that perfect gift for their friend or loved one. With so much to choose from, it can be hard to know what present to buy. Why restrict yourself to the shops and online stores this festive season? One type of gift that does not even need to be bought is gaining in popularity: the DIY Christmas gift.

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There are lots of presents that are suited to a DIY Christmas gift, from making your own Christmas cards to DIY decorations, toys, knitwear, toiletries, foods and crafts.  When you have looked at which one of the Windsor Christmas Parties you want to book from sites like for your family doo or work doo make sure you get all your crafts made to give out on the day.  You do not even need to be highly skilled with your hands; there are some simple ideas that anyone can master.

Blankets with Designer Fabrics

Fleece tie blankets are particularly popular as a DIY gift because they are easy to make and look great. You don’t need to know how to sew to create a stylish and practical blanket. Tie blankets simply require two pieces of fabric cut into slits and then tied together.

The blankets can be made from any materials. For a more special Christmas gift, it is possible to buy designer Christmas fabrics that are inspired by different cultures, such as French styles.

Mason Jars and Food Gifts

Another option is a mason jar filled with a tasty homemade treat and decorated in a colourful way. These are ideal for children to make for parents or teachers as they can get creative with their decorations. Kids can also make food to go in the jars, such as a couple of fairy cakes, a chocolate mix, cereal mix or jam.

In fact, food is a perfect option for a homemade present, and there are lots of great recipes online. You can easily learn how to make cakes, biscuits, Christmas pudding and gingerbread, which are all ideal for Christmas gifts.

Online Guides and Craft Lessons

One reason that DIY gifts are becoming so popular is that people are finding how-to guides on social media platforms. Craft studios are also teaching people how to make exciting gifts for the festive season. You can take pottery sessions or even learn how to make homemade jewellery for some fantastic personalised gift ideas.