‘Driving home for Christmas’

One of the most important things in life is the connection you have with your family. If you live apart and only travel home at Christmas then this is the perfect opportunity to spend some real quality time together. Whether you have moved away for a new job or you’re away studying, coming home is what Christmas should be all about. With emails and text messages, it’s easy to forget what our family sounds like and this can only truly be experienced when we enjoy each others company in person. If you’ve missed out on other family events this year and only seen them on Facebook, then now is the time to make that effort to see everyone.

Children grow up so quickly and if you have little ones in your family then a visit at Christmas can liven up the spirit of the season for you as let’s face it, Christmas is mostly for the kids. Remember your childhood Christmases? The funny games of Monopoly and Charades, the snoozing Grandad and your bickering siblings? These are the things that you miss the most and not the presents. Sometimes, you just want a good old hug from you Mum. Come home this Christmas and don’t waste time on cooking and buying a ton of gifts. Get your family out of the kitchen and go out and have some festive fun while you have the time.

Yes you might miss that home cooking but at Christmas, cooking can be really stressful. Book a table at a restaurant so that nobody has to spend the day slaving over a hot oven and you won’t have to argue over who does the washing up either. You can all relax, enjoy the great food and not worry about leftovers, cleaning up or the hassle of buying the food and preparing it in the first place. If you all feel like a change then it doesn’t even have to be a traditional meal, think about an Italian Restaurant in Dublin instead.

An Italian Restaurant in the heart of Dublin will offer an exciting, fresh twist on the festivities and there doesn’t have to be a sprout in sight! Dublin has such a broad choice for dining out that if you can’t all agree, you can book another kind of eatery for New Year’s Eve and keep everyone happy.

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Restaurants can have a real buzz about them at this time of year with everyone being in the festive spirit. They will be decorated so will look fantastic and you can relax in the knowledge that nobody has feel pressured into being the host for everyone. The menu is bound to be a bit special and you don’t even have to worry about spending the rest of the day picking at the leftovers because there won’t be any lurking in the fridge to tempt you.