Energy saving grants in NI: The essentials

If you live in Northern Ireland and are thinking of boosting your home’s energy efficiency, you’ll find that there are a range of grants and subsidies available to help you make the most of renewable technologies.

Energy saving grants in NI

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The various benefits of green energy

Not only do “green energy” measures help you to slash your carbon emissions, but they also save you money and can even help you to earn an additional income via Renewables Obligation schemes. For people who live in Northern Ireland, solar panels are a great way to benefit from all of the above, and the costs of this technology have dropped.

Why Northern Ireland solar panels?

Several years ago in Northern Ireland, technologies such as solar panels were still seen as an expensive luxury with a very long payback period. However, with market standardisation and increasing competition, the cost of solar PV has plummeted drastically. All over the world, businesses, governments and individuals alike are investing in this technology as a great way to benefit from reduced greenhouse gas emissions, energy security of supply, lower costs and subsidy benefits.

Where to find advice

If you are interested in getting Northern Ireland solar panels, the first step is to go on the Energy Savings Trust website. Here you can find the latest information about renewable energy technologies and the latest available government grants and subsidy schemes.

The Energy Saving Trust can help you to find an accredited microgeneration installer, which is essential if you want to benefit from government subsidies. The installer will visit your property, discuss your needs and carry out an assessment to let you know which technologies and deals would work best for you. This isn’t a commitment to buy in any way; the trust is impartial and will link you with a range of green energy suppliers so that you know you are getting a genuine good deal rather than a commercial hard sell.

Find out more

Providers will give a no-obligation quote along with a breakdown of the savings you can expect if you install your energy system of choice. They can also help you with information about other energy-saving measures, such as better insulation, greywater systems, recycling and other forms of self-sufficient energy microgeneration, all of which will benefit your family and the environment.