Enhance the Durability of Hot Tub with Nontoxic Hot Tub Chemicals

A hot tub helps to revitalize your body and mind. It is the place of relaxation which needs careful maintenance for ensuring durability all through its use. The main chemical levels for maintaining your spa include alkalinity, chlorine, pH and calcium hardness. The chemical treatments are essential for keeping a healthy water balance.

However organic options have now become significant in almost every aspect of daily life. It has become a popular choice these days to use natural products and eat organic. Chemical cleaning products, hot tubs, and pools are also not the exception in this regard. Nowadays consumers are looking for ways for cleaning their hot tub water without using any man-made or harsh chemical.

Some of the non-toxic hot tub chemical options include Enzyme Solution, Salt Water, Ozone Kits, AhhNatural, Biguanide, The Natural and Clean water Blue. They are effective for your hot tub maintenance and are also not very harsh. Moreover, they do not leave any bad odor and do nothing to your skin while you soak in the hot water of your tub. Some of these chemicals are created by minerals and ions. They can leave your hot tub smelling fresh and your skin feeling soft. Let’s check out these chemicals for your spa:

Enzyme Solution                                                                          

The products of the enzyme are created from various natural products. Some of the natural products like seaweed contain no bromine or chlorine. You can avail them from various spa retailers. The enzymes work by breaking the scum and organic oils accumulated in your hot tub water, pipes and filters. The enzyme system manufacturers suggest purging your spa of any organic accumulation left by cleaning your filters. You have to add enzymes as per the size of your spa, once it is filled with clean water.

Salt Water

Sea salt system generally costs less to maintain rather than chemical systems. Using sea salt is a natural option which is gaining popularity in spas and pools. The salt system works by discharging natural chlorine in salt for sanitizing the water of your hot tub. This system produces lower but consistent amount of chlorine. You have to maintain your filter system frequently with this salt water system for avoiding corrosion.

Ozone Kits

These kits also work as good organic chemicals as they help to convert Oxygen to the low levels of Ozone. The Ozone breaks up organic materials in hot tub water. You can use a very small quantity of enzyme cleaners with Ozone kits for keeping your water totally sanitized. The lack of chemical smell as well as the low maintenance cost of this system is an added advantage to spa owners.

Ahh Natural

It is a mesh bag of 16×16-inch dimension. This is a naturally occurring material and is a substitute for the harsh spa treatment. You can leave this in the water of your hot tub for around a year. This product helps to lessen bacteria. Furthermore, it can replenish your skin while soaking in spa water. This bag also works in absorbing sweat.


It is also called Polyhexamthylene Biguanide. This artificial chemical is gentle on your eyes, skin and also to the environment. It is less coarse than conventional spa chemicals and is usually found in some contact lens solutions.

The Natural

This is made up of a seaweed-based enzyme, lanolin, and vitamins. It is charged positively for attracting oils emitted from the bathers in your hot tub. A disadvantage of this product is that within a few weeks of its initial use, you can detect a pond smell arising from your hot tub. However, the smell fades away eventually.

Clean water Blue

It makes use of copper ions rather than harsh chemicals for cleaning your hot tub. This product removes the odor of the chemical emitted by most of the conventional spa purifying agents. It also helps to soften your skin. You have to administer this product twice in a month.

Opt for an online purchase

These are the few chemicals that you can use for your spa. You can check out some of the reputed online stores for purchasing hot tub chemicals. Some of the online spa stores often provide attractive discounts if you purchase products at a bulk rate. Get hold of the best spa store online and purchase organic chemicals for your spa. Never compromise on the quality of the chemicals. Remember that a good quality chemical will help to enhance the durability of your hot tub and will help you to get utmost relaxation.

Make an extensive online research work to get the most reputed stores of your locality and buy non-toxic chemicals for your spa.