Guppy fish-How to care Guppy fish in your home aquarium?

How to care for a guppy fish?

If you are looking for a fish that is very simple to care for, without a doubt the guppy fish, or reticulated Poecilia, is the most suitable for you. This is because it is a very simple fish breeding because they reproduce easily and does not require much care.

You will quickly find out with these tips that it is not very difficult to know how to take care of a guppy fish correctly, but you will have to be very careful with the companions that you put it.

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How to Care for a Guppy Fish Properly

Install a heater and a thermometer:

You should put it in the aquarium to control the water temperature so that the guppy fish is in the best condition. The water should be between 22 and 28 degrees, but the best will be 25. The heater will help you to heat the water in case it is cooling and with the thermometer, you can control not to go up or down too much.

Put a filter:

It would also be a good idea to put a filter in the aquarium because that way the water will be cleaned automatically and you will not have to worry about doing it so often. But do not put it too strong.

Oxygenate the water:

The pH of the water should be slightly alkaline, ranging from 6.5 to 8, so it is recommended that you install an oxygenator to do this work.

Feed the fish well:

These animals have a very fast metabolism. You have to feed them very little food but distributed several times a day. So you have to make a schedule to know when to feed them. It is best to make it fresh and lively.

There may be more than one: Guppy fish are very friendly and calm, so you can have several inside the aquarium. They are very lively but do not like violence.

Choose another species correctly:

These fish can not share a fish bowl with those fish that are too territorial, as with the betta fish, because their lively nature can cause them to enter their territory and they decide to attack them.

You can reproduce them easily:

It is not a species too complicated to reproduce. You will only have to put a male and a female and soon you will have pups dancing in the aquarium.

Clean the aquarium once a week:

First, use a rake in the bottom for fish waste to come to the surface. Then, using a net go and catch the waste and old food. It would also be advisable to change the water of the aquarium, about 20% while cleaning the bottom.

Take good care of the young:

When the young are born, it is advisable that the suction apparatus of the aquarium will cover it so that you are not sucked by it. Also, if you are going to separate them from having them in another aquarium. At first mix new water with the water of the original aquarium, so that they do not notice the change so much. It is advisable to separate them at four weeks, on the one hand. The males and on the other the females.

Species compatible with the guppy fish

As it has been said before, it is very important to know what fish to put with the guppies. So that there are no problems, especially if they have pups and it is possible that the bigger ones decide to eat them. Thus, the species that can coexist are:

Another guppy fish

The Platy

The Neon Tetra



Following these tips, you can take care of a guppy fish without problems. And it can be the ideal gift for a child. Especially if he is thinking that it is time for him to learn what responsibility is.