Healthy Barbecue Tips For The Summer

Summer is the best time for barbeque parties and gatherings. The smell of grilled meat and veggies is simply divine. Vegetarians can replace the meat with tofu and still enjoy the juicy taste of summer. If you wish to stay healthy, eat more grilled and fresh veggies with your meat. Below you will find several healthy tips for your next BBQ party:

Stay healthy

Say no to preservativesAvoid over-grilling your food. Charred and well-done meat is not the healthiest option. Don’t forget to scrape off any charred pieces as it can potentially lead to cancer. No one really likes overcooked food. It lacks taste and flavors. Stay on the healthy side and flip your meat more often. Grilled chicken without the skin is the best healthy option. This way you will reduce the number of unhealthy fats in your food.

Avoid grilling processed food, such as bacon, hot dogs, cold cuts and any other pre-cooked food from supermarkets. These products normally contain a lot of preservatives and sodium nitrate that is not good for your body. These chemicals will only make you feel dehydrated.

Avoid any dense marinades and dressings. Barbeque sauces from stores contain a lot of preservatives that make your food unhealthy and incredibly fatty. If you wish to make a home-made marinade combine some lime juice, olive oil, and herbs, toss it with meat and leave it in the fridge overnight. Basil, oregano and thyme will add some glorious flavor to your meat. You can also put a little bit of fizzy water to the marinade to make your meat soft and tender.

Low fat

Avoid eating chips and other high-calorie snacks. Better make a veggie platter with some delicious dips. Hummus and tsatsiki sauce are easy to make and delicious to eat. You can also get some seasonal fruits from the local market. Organic crackers and nuts are also great appetizers.

Control your portions

If you want to avoid overeating, simply make smaller portions with more veggies. You can add some tomatoes, pineapples and onions on meat skewers for a great flavor. This way you will eat less.


It’s impossible to imagine a successful BBQ party without any entertainment. Your guests will not entertain themselves while waiting for the food to be grilled. That’s why you need to come up with some game ideas. Bring the badminton equipment if you have enough space on your backyard. Your guests can also play card games. Think of possible warm-up activities for a group of people who don’t know each other well.

BBQ theme parties are a lot of fun. Theme party will make your guests think of possible costumes and entertainment. You can choose any color, movie, TV series or anything you like. Decorate your summer chairs and tables with ribbons and flowers, put on some candles in the evening to create a special atmosphere. Don’t forget to plan ahead and buy enough food and drinks for your party. These simple tips will help you enjoy your summer barbeque bash with friends and relatives.