How do you clean the interior of a seamless oil pipe?

Cleaning the outer wall of a seamless oil pipe is easy. Organic solvent and a special rust remover will keep it in tip-top shape, but how can you remove the accumulated dirt, oil stains and oxide scales from the interior?

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Why is pipe cleaning important?

If you want to keep your business moving with optimal efficiency, regular pipe cleaning is essential. This will help to reduce downtime from unforeseen stoppages and malfunctions.

Cleaning pipes can present some challenges in terms of their length and construction. There are two ways to tackle the job that will leave your pipework dirt- and scale-free.

Ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning uses high-frequency sound waves passed through a liquid. This causes millions of tiny cavitation bubbles to form every second, with the subsequent agitation creating a high-pressure blast. The combination of negative suction with powerful impact helps to shift even the most stubborn contaminants.

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The action of the fluid can also penetrate into recesses and cracks for a really deep clean, however long the pipe. A large ultrasonic cleaner from a trusted company such as will make short work of any problems and is ideal for use with seamless oil pipe that can withstand the high-pressure blast.

The pickling process

You can also clean rust and oxide scale from a seamless pipe with an acid solution. This process is known as pickling. A range of acids, including hydrochloric, phosphoric and nitric, are suitable for use. The strength and uniformity of the structure of welded pipe make it suitable for this procedure.

Pipeline can either be removed and pickled in a tank or the acid can be flushed through the pipes. Although this can be an effective method for rust and dirt removal, overexposure to the acid can cause pitting of the surface, leaving the tube exposed to corrosion. To prevent any issues, the steel pipe must undergo passivation after pickling to create a corrosion-resistant film on the surface.

Benefits of pipe cleaning

If you want the peace of mind of knowing that your pipework is performing effectively, you need a regular cleaning schedule. This can improve the lifespan of durable seamless pipes and is more cost-effective than pipe replacement. A deep clean will ensure a faster flow of drainage and more efficient operation.