How often should I deep-clean my  kitchen?

Keeping your kitchen spotless is not only a question of pride but also critical for creating a clean and hygienic food preparation area. People who will be aware of how important a hygienic kitchen is, is a housekeeper. This is because they are responsible for preparing the meals for the family they work for. If they didn’t ensure that the kitchen was clean it could make the family ill from things such as food poisoning. This means it is in the interest of the housekeeper to keep the kitchen as clean as possible. Having a housekeeper also means it saves the family a lot of time as they don’t have the burden of cleaning. If you think that a housekeeper would suit you and your family’s needs, then you may be interested in a London housekeeping agency, such as

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Having your kitchen deep cleaned obviously makes sense, but how often should you do it and what exactly does it involve?

A deep clean

While your kitchen will be kept clean through the day-to-day course of operation, the expert techniques involved in giving you kitchen a deep and thorough clean will ensure that all your equipment functions properly and is safe and hygienic to use.

Your grills, extractor fans and work surfaces should all undergo deep cleaning that leaves them germ-free and in compliance with health and safety regulations for commercial kitchens. Particular attention must be paid to your extractor equipment and to ensuring that every inch of your commercial ovens.
Other potential trouble spots, such as fridge and freezer door seals, should also be thoroughly cleaned and inspected to ensure they are functioning properly and preserving food at the correct temperature.

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How often does my kitchen need a deep clean?

According to the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, a commercial kitchen should be deep cleaned every six months; however, this should be supported by a proper cleaning protocol so that cleanliness standards are maintained at all times.

For peace of mind, you may prefer to schedule extra deep cleaning sessions during the year; in addition, more regular deep cleaning may be a requirement if you need to meet the requirements of the five-star food hygiene rating. If you have just taken over a commercial kitchen, you may find that a one off-deep clean is essential before you open for business.

Choosing a cleaning contractor

However good your cleaning and hygiene protocols, this is one job that you need to leave to the professionals. You may already use a contractor; if not, ask the previous owners of the business for their recommendations, if appropriate, or ask around for a firm with references and a proven track record. Keeping your kitchen clean helps you to take control of kitchen hygiene in the most efficient manner.